Five Cups Coffee

Five Cups is a coffee company that is 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Fair trade coffee beans are packaged entirely in burlap, a fully biodegradable material that can either be repurposed as a different package or planted in a garden once it’s no longer in use. More importantly, the idea behind this packaging is that it would be reused by customers when they would need to refill their bags with coffee beans (incidentally, each burlap bag can contain enough coffee beans for 5 cups of coffee) instead of having to buy new packages each time.
Customers can bring their coffee bags to be around at participating coffee shops where baristas can serve the coffee they bring for a discounted price.

This company as well makes it a point to showcase and celebrate different cultures and countries whose coffee is sourced for the company. Because of this, there are patterns unique to each culture on the bands wrapping around each bag, as well as information about each country and their language on the tags which describe the coffee.

These bands as well are completely reusable and double as coffee cup sleeves that can be placed around a customer’s coffee cup of choice.